The Truck Parking is located at the edge of Tata, only 800 meters from the 67th exit of motorway M1.


The Truck Parking is open every day from 0 to 24 hours. It is protected by fences, lit up at night and has a camera system and guards. We are able to accommodate 150 trucks at the same time. Parking time and fees are measured by a fully automated access control system. Location of the Truck Parking was chosen by taking into account both the safety of trucks and their cargo, and the small distance from the historic city center and shopping facilities.

There is a restaurant in our park with breakfast and daily offers. Meals can be enjoyed in the restaurant, on the terrace, or even in the park. We provide four separated bathrooms with toilet, which can be locked from inside. We provide sophisticated leisure time for the drivers in our air-conditioned rooms or in their own trucks with free Wi-Fi throughout the entire park.

The park has a bicycle renting service as well, supporting quick travelling within the city, whether shopping or sightseeing.